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Member Testimonials

What members say about NACPO

"We joined NACPO hoping to find better contacts for equipment vendors, and get more information on others’ party practices. We found those and so much more - marketing tips, resources to help untangle surprise issues, even ways to open new product lines! We got through the recent recession using ideas and advice from NACPO members, and we still get benefits from those ideas."

Dan Ritter, Best Bet Casino Parties, Appleton WI

"Our membership and particularly attending the conference has been invaluable to our business operations and profits. We have learned so much about what other members are doing to generate more business. We have implemented so many ideas from other members; probably 30% of our business now. Being able to talk with other members about their experience regarding staff, office operations, physical operations and vendors is awesome."  

Travis Fryback , Team Casino Parties & Music, Eugene OR

"We are longtime members of NACPO and truly enjoy the benefits of knowing and sharing ideas with our fellow members. We have attended many of the conferences and always benefit from attending them. If you are looking to sit back and wait for business to come to you with no effort - save your time and money and stay away. If you are willing to listen to some of the pioneers in this industry, and want to grow your business, you've come to the right place."

Michael and Pat Miller, Casino Party Planners, Ocala FL

"Being a NACPO member has given us the knowledge to buy supplies in a stronger manner. It allows us to network with other professional companies around the United States, enabling us to book more work and make more money. Being a member gives us the ability to call on others and ask for help, ideas or where to go to help solve a variety of issues from equipment, to staffing, to laws and more. We are proud to be a member of NACPO." 

Jeff Siegel, The Spencer Daniels Agency, Monticello NY

"NACPO is a force multiplier in the casino party industry. We can draw on the experience of over fifty members in helping us cut costs, solve problems, and find new sources of supply. Through their annual Conference, we’ve developed relationships with fellow members to handle events for our valued clients in locations we don’t service directly, and whom in turn send us business from across the country to handle for their clients. In short, NACPO is money in the bank for us."  

John Ferry, PCI Entertainment, Cleveland, OH

"I've been in the casino party planning business for over 20 years and a NACPO member for many of those. Each year, I've increased my business far in excess of my membership and conference costs with NACPO-inspired ideas to help me improve my operations, save money, and open up new markets."  

Bernie Stevens , BSA Events & Entertainment, Detroit MI

National Association of Casino Party Operators

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